Zero Motorcycles Data Tools

Here are some tools you might find useful.

Zero Motorcycles Online Log File Parser
This utility will take a Main Bike Board (MBB) or Battery Management System (BMS) log file downloaded from the mobile app and parse it into a human-readable format. This is probably why you're here.

Zero Motorcycles Log Plotter Spreadsheet (.XLS)
Use this Excel spreadsheet created by Keith Thomas to plot the data in your log file. Spreadsheet skills are necessary.
Or try the new Google Sheets version.

Zero Motorcycles Log File Summary Data
This is a summary of all successfully parsed log files that have been submitted to the log file parser so far.

Latest Firmwares
This is the latest firmwares per model & year, based on the log data captured so far.

VIN Summary
Analysis of VINs by year.

Zero Motorcycles VIN Decoder
Use this utility to decode your Zero Motorcycles VIN number to useful information.

Zero Manual Wiki
Be sure to check out this website for detailed information on Zero Motorcycles.

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