DAYS 7 - 11 - Sunday - Thursday, July 14 - 18, 1968

Chapters 15 - 21

In my research I primarily focused on the riding days and the trip on the motorcycle.

Pirsig obviously has history, and friends, in Bozeman that I do not. As such I'm not interested in recreating this part of their journey.

A brief summary from the book is that they spent a couple days loafing around Bozeman, talking with the DeWeese's and Sutherlands, and they take a trip to an old mining town. The author also spends part of an afternoon visiting his old teaching building at Montana State University.

After that, Pirsig and Chris embark on a 2-day / overnight camping trip leaving from the DeWeese's, going part way up a mountain which they never summit. On the last day in Bozeman, they stay at a hotel rather than at the DeWeese's after arriving late from the camping trip (having gotten a ride into town from fellow campers). They depart Bozeman from the hotel the next day, just stopping by to say goodbye to their friends.

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